Some Testimonials, 2019

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Margi delivers the program with such care and consideration..her ability to anticipate needs before they are spoken and adapt the program to suit the ever-shifting energies are just extraordinary

Rozina Suliman, May 2019

Margi facilitated with great care and free reign at Arteles. I felt her years of experience, intuitive spirit, and keen awareness as a great resource and trusting pillar to rely on...she helped me nudge my artist self to the fore when it wanted to retreat and reminded me that to fall is to learn how to get up, take care of your bruised knee and run with greater confidence next time. Julia, May 2019

...truly a transformative experience, both personally and creatively. Margi's guidance opened my eyes to new ways of working and more effective ways of tapping into creativity. AS a result, I came away with a deeper sense of trust in my own instincts and with a set of very practical tools. Anna Loren, May 2019

Margi created a safe and open space that invited me to be vulnerable and step into a deep process of introspection... I felt seen and supported by Margi...she has challenged me in a safe and healthy way to dive further into my story and find inspiration and strength within.

Sophia, May 2019

Your support helped me find my authentic voice, free from fear and judgement, and return to an innocence in my practice.

J. Mathew Thomas. April, 2019 so many ways a life-altering experience. Margi Brown Ash is a truly gifted facilitator. Her unconditional support was delivered with love, wisdom and honest critique.

Connie Noyes, April 2019

Full of energy and passion for the work. Models openness to learning and personal and professional development. Respectful and collaborative and supportive and adaptable. walks the talk. A great role model, mentor, and teacher.

Post Graduate Student, 2012