Creative Development period and Original Production
Co-devised, written and performed by Margi Brown Ash
Creative Development period and Original Production:
 -Co-devised and directed Leah Mercer
Creative Development period and Original Production:
 -Musical Composition and performed by Travis Ash
Creative Development period and Original Production:
 -Designed and art installation by Bev Jensen

"My story is your story. Love as I have loved, with excruciating vulnerability. Love life. Love the dead and each other as long as we live, the dead shall live"

My name is…

Margi Brown Ash.

And in my creative team is…

Leah Mercer, Bev Jensen, Travis Ash, Kate Caley, James Newton, with visits from Tim Winter.


At the moment I feel…

Like a glass of wine! No, like we’re in good shape. We’ve had sickness, the ash cloud (our composer is arriving the night before the first dress rehearsal so we haven’t had time to work with him yet), and the director has been sick so we haven’t worked with her for a day and a half. We’ve had a few things happen around it. But we seem to be working still very well. The spirit is high and we’re loving the space.

Best part of process thus far…


I think the ensemble and the fact that we walk our talk. We nurture each other as well as creating a show that nurtures our audience. Kate has been in charge of cookies, tea and soup! We don’t arrive separately, we pick each other up and come into the space as a group. We have check in and check out. We eat together. The ensemble is the best part. We’re loving being in the space together. We’ve created a little home in the Sue Benner.


Home A home for Home.

What I’m testing today is…

Today we’re going to be testing the music. So for the next three/four hours, I’ll do a run, TRAVIS will see it, and then we’ll start to weave some magic.


People should come check the work out because…

What we’re wanting is people to come and follow the work. See this creative development – this is first time we’ve shown in Brisbane. We’ve shown in Mexico* and we’re about to show it in Chicago. We’re deliberately taking a year and a half to develop it. A definite decision, so it can grow its own self. We don’t want it to be a fast thing that we get on and get off. It’s a five year plan that becomes an organic project for multiple communities, not just the theatre community.


"Using humorous stories of survival in the ‘burbs’ as self indulgent daughter, non-corporate wife, stressed out mother, ambitious actor who can, in Brisbane, only imagine playing the roles of her dreams and therapist who wants to save the world, HOME moves backwards and forwards through time, travelling from Australia to Egypt and to the USA, and returning again and again to Brisbane the town we love to hate, and hate to leave"


I feel most creative…

When I’m in the space. To get in the space and to be able to come in to rehearse. For the last six months I’ve been an academic, and to be able to be the artist again, and not have to counsel… It’s just the work now, and that’s what I’ve loved, being connect with the work.

An artist I’m really into at the moment is…

The experience I’m really into and has affected me the most has been The Process Project [with Brian Lucas and Nikki Heywood]. What I learned there has influenced me now. It was the experiences we went through that has influenced this process completely. It’s inward gazing. I can’t say that an artist is influencing me, everyday life is influencing me.

Anything else?

There’s just been beautiful support here. People have been dropping in every so often to ask how things are going. We’re feeling valued and supportive. There’s a real appreciation of the whole ensemble. There’s coziness, a sense of belonging. Also, I was trained in theatre in the round, so coming back to this space as it is now is going back to my roots, which I’m really excited about.

Would you like to enjoy these words over a nice cup of tea...?