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May 8, 2016


I am trying to write a letter, a letter to my unfinished business. Tomorrow we have Women and Letters, a show at The Zoo in the Valley (3pm for 3.30pm) celebrating Mothers Day and also celebrating our own unfinished business: the audience has an opportunity to write a letter to their unfinished business while listening to seven writers read out theirs.

I have written so many practice letters and still have not found an...

October 15, 2015



Here is a list of things that can help you stay resilient. The life of the artist can be very
stressful, so make sure you incorporate some of these things below:
1. eating regularly: little snacks in your bag eg. Nuts, fruit
2. sleep: yes its hard, but try to get your 7-8 hours as often as possible, of course
excluding bump ins!
3. Two glasses only of wine…and a couple of alcohol free days.
4. Exercising: walking, or finding the exercise that yo...

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