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December 1, 2019

 Public Art, Montreal. October, 2019

When we have been doing things like creating work for a long time in the same way, it may be good to shake things up a bit.  This could mean many things: we could switch art forms for a while (a dancer stands in the shoes of an actor, a theatre maker tests their skills at writing novels  etc); we could walk away from the work entirely and dream; take a course; go on a trek...The requirement is that what we choos...

November 15, 2019





Wesley Enoch speaks at Agenda's Communicating the Arts Sydney 



Why do we attend conferences anyway? We all have our reasons. Some people do not need a rigorous list of reasons: work pays the registration fee and it’s a few days away from the office. Not always easy returning to a full mailbox, a host of meetings and...

March 24, 2019

Multitasking in the theatre:

Phil Miolin (who runs the fabulous theatre program at Curtin University) talks to future students at Open Day as we bump in This Silent Thing

Leah Mercer (my collaborator of 17 years) and I are in the middle of writing an article about our latest work, to be published by Taos Institute.  We thought you may like to read a small scene used in a playshop that we hosted in Cancun, Mexico, November 2018.

We began this project...

December 14, 2016

IMAGE OF THE 4change coaching YEAR 

(thank you to the unknown photographer)

This photo reflects the most important things that have happened this year:  The Belonging Trilogy, including the show HOME (directed by Leah Mercer),continues to grow and develop, with a two-part funded season in July, 2017 at Brisbane Powerhouse, directed by Ben Knapton.   Many thanks to Australia Council and Brisbane City Council for their support and also a sho...

May 27, 2016


Its slightly over thirty years since my first baby was born. This week my first  baby delivered her first baby...the only birth that I have witnessed first hand apart from my own four children. It has made me deeply reflective and has invited me to examine the meaning of my life.


After the last month of preparing and then helping this wondrous new baby into the world, I am aware of the power of family, of relationship and the...

May 8, 2016


I am trying to write a letter, a letter to my unfinished business. Tomorrow we have Women and Letters, a show at The Zoo in the Valley (3pm for 3.30pm) celebrating Mothers Day and also celebrating our own unfinished business: the audience has an opportunity to write a letter to their unfinished business while listening to seven writers read out theirs.

I have written so many practice letters and still have not found an...

May 4, 2016


So it's earlier today.

I'm sitting in a cafe. The name is not easy to remember.


It's a coffee shop. Downtown. In Reykjavik Iceland, that gloriously artistic community so far north.

I write, I check out a reference and write again.


 I then move through the city. This glorious city. I find another coffee shop. I need another small adventure. A hot chocolate. I'm not sure how to pronounce the name of this coffee shop. But it is on the top floor. That...

April 27, 2016


Iceland, a place of beauty and literature, art and food. A place where the Muse sits close. Coffee shops, hot chocolate, fish, more fish, bookshops, art galleries, waterfalls, lava rocks, hot tubs, chocolate, museums, parks, lakes, ducks, swans, birds, bulbs of daffodils and barest of trees. A place where one wants to write. 

We have just finished the Iceland Writers Retreat, a week of readings, workshops, talks, dinners and bus tours. Here are th...

April 3, 2016


Pilgrimages cannot be identified as being a certain thing…they can be linear or cyclical, they can be internal or external…the interior landscape or exterior landscape…it feels like I am on a pilgrimage of sorts here at Sostrup: a journey where we have no preconceived destination, yet a destination all the same: We are endeavouring to push theatrical form, trying to find the liminal entry points into the performance itself. And while we test this...

April 2, 2016


Reflective practice is a crucial and fundamental way forward when it comes to creating art. It is only in reflecting, either through engaging in conversation or writing, taking photos, making music, drawing images, painting, collaging, meditating and walking that we can see beyond the obvious. The images and thoughts flirt with you, they sit just outside your reach and it is through creative reflection and untamed thinking that they land sometime...

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