December 29, 2016




As the new year quickly approaches I am thinking of all the wondrous things that I want to happen in 2017.


One of my main objectives for 2017 is to help thicken and strengthen our arts community and participate in (and grow) our independent theatre sector, shifting towards greater autonomy, strong agency and sheer joy.


How do we do this? By reaching out to each and every artist. My primary focus (though not total focus) is to encourage women in our industry to step up and out. To be bolder and more assertive in saying what we are wanting and needing. We are conditioned from an early age to Wait. Wait. Wait. Well the waiting is over ladies, and we need to step up and climb those stairs. 


How do we step up for 2017?


1. We reach out to the person next to us. We engage in a  systematic and steady process of connection. We drink tea, lots of tea, and we talk.


2. We support each others work by turning up as often as we possibly can. If we cannot attend we can help promote the show if it feels right. 


3. We repost shows we love, both on our own facebook page, website and on Facebook's group "Theatre Bash". 


4. We post in Facebook's "Theatre Bash" if we think others would benefit from seeing a particular show, not because our friend is in it but because what our friend is doing is sensational. 


5. We post in the new "Brisbane Women in Performing Arts Network" Facebook page. If you are not a member then sign up. There will be several gatherings throughout the year where big ideas will be discussed.


6. We follow "Women in Theatre Bridge Club" postings in Facebook, a small organisation of powerful theatre makers who want to build bridges so that women gain  equal representation in positions of power within our industry.


7. We support shows made by women of all backgrounds by attending, organising theatre outings with a bunch of friends etc.


8. We strive to be an open book, always ready to move into opportunities that we would normally say no to. 


9. We climb the stairs into the unknown...


10. We practice gratitude while leading from the middle.


11. When we attend a training or conference that is relevant we write about it and share what we have learned.


12. When we see advertisements for grants, classes, conferences, trainings, we publicise of the biggest lies we have been fed is that "there is not enough room for all of us" or "not enough to go around"...the more we share, the more the industry prospers and the more we grow.


13. Write your own shows, produce your own shows, perform your own shows: shows that challenge, nourish, awaken. You don't have to write alone either, you can gather a tribe of people and write together. I usually have my director in the room when I write.



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