• Dr Margi Brown Ash

Nature is our mother, thats for sure

The more I walk in nature, the more I realise the power of this world. This photo was taken earlier in the week when BBA and I walked Mt. Cootha Botanical Gardens...there is a delightful kitchen garden, and I love to wander through it, imagining that this is how my kitchen garden will look eventually...of course I am dreaming. The Botanic Gardens employs highly qualified horticulture experts, but hey, dreaming is just fine, especially now. We are, however, moving into fewer restrictions, though let's not go mad. I intend to practice social isolation for a very long time. In fact, I have fallen in love with Zoom sessions with my artists. I love the fact that I no longer have to travel and find a park (it saves me half a day!), that we can still create together (my favourite thing this week is much information can emerge from the old fashioned doodle...and I spend most of my days with my two delightful dogs lying at my feet. I think one of the fastest ways of shifting mood is to walk outside: regardless of the weather, though here in Brisbane we are blessed with exceptional blue skys, clean air, and wide-open spaces...Mother Nature ready to heal, if only we will let her.

I bet many of you have read about Forest Bathing

Forest bathing basics (from the link above):

  • Find a suitable place that's easy and pleasant to walk on, has places to sit, and ideally with access to natural waterways and different aspects. It also helps if it's close to home.

  • On arrival, notice the place you are in, notice your body, and tune in to your senses.

  • Walk slowly with steady step-by-step pace, while silently noticing what is in motion in the forest. If you start to feel distracted or rushed, come to a complete halt.

  • Make friends with the forest. Notice the trees, stones, plants and flowers. Listen to the forest. Let the natural world make an impression on your mind.

  • Sit down. Find a comfortable place to sit, staying still for up to 20 minutes, cultivating awareness.

  • Give back. Quietly acknowledge everything the forest gives you.

Source: The Nature and Forest Therapy Association

BBA and I love to walk together as many days as we can. We have been adventuring around in our own neighbourhood, finding tracks that we haven't walked before. That's something that COVID 19 has taught us, that there is far more in your local neighbourhood than I originally thought.

Enjoy your day.