• Dr Margi Brown Ash




What a year! 2019 has been brilliant for some, not so for others, and most definitely not at all good for Mother Earth. The significance of Scott Morrison's mural cannot be overestimated, giving us all a moment of reflection and contemplation: it could be seen as a metaphor (not just our reality) for what is happening throughout the western world. What sort of country are we living in and how do we create the peace, the equality, the harmony, and the sustainability that we so desire?

I was talking with one of my sons over the holidays, and he reminded me that, despite what is happening within our political/corporate class, we do live in a great country: it could be heaps worse. Then I was talking with a colleague who originally grew up in Ukraine, and he also reminded me that there were enormous strengths to Australia: for many people, it is safe (though not for all people) and for many people food is plentiful(again, not for everyone). And I am thinking that we are wanting to make sure that these strengths remain as we build towards equality for all, and that includes the country that we profess to love. We want Australia to be a country we are proud of, one who puts the land first, because without the land we have nothing.

So 2020 is a year of expectation. The beginning of a new decade. One where I hope things move towards sustainable practice. We need to rebuild to suit the changes in climate, we need to grow our communities so that everyone feels they belong and we need to slow down.

I use this time between Christmas and New Year to dream new dreams. Many of you will be doing that at the Woodford Festival up north. My choice is to do it on my verandah, with my dogs at my feet, the birds keeping me company, the jacarandas dropping their purple flowers (yes! our jacarandas are always late-blooming particularly this year with the drought). With hot coffee (made by BBA, my partner), I am skimming through all the books I have collected over the decade. Most are related to creative writing, creativity, consciousness, rituals, pilgrimages, mindfulness, yoga, and theatre.

All of these books have themes in common, and these are the themes I take into my workshops. I have two coming up:



My current research focuses on bringing the polarities of wisdom and wildness together, so we can hold them both at the same time. I think to be a wise social artist means that we need also to embrace our wildness as we continue to grow our ability to risk. We all know that without risk there can be no creativity, and as we move into effective elderhood, we need to ensure that we firmly carry creativity within us. Many people as they age choose safety over risk, comfort over discomfort, small thinking over large expansive ways of dreaming up new opportunities. Yet our generation of social artists has the opportunity to redefine what it is to be an elder: never have we lived so long. Never have we had so many opportunities. My offer is to help create a supportive wisdom/wild community so that we continue to make a difference in the art world for the next decade, learning from our younger colleagues, supporting their adventures and at the same time offering our own ideas and creations.

COST: $195.00 or

$150 Early Bird (paid in full by 26th January 2020)

Payment schemes available


A workshop gathering for social artists who identify as women

23rd February 2020

This workshop will be a small and intimate gathering for those of you who want to dream-on your new decade. We will focus on our dreams (perhaps still hidden from us), talk about what we need to change, unpack the strengths that are already there (but we may not recognize them as such), create art, grow ideas and eat good food as we build our arts community. This workshop is perfect for those who are looking for support and connection as you design and create the changes you want to make. Many friendships form, connections made, and joy shared. I will be putting an event page up on Facebook later in the week so that you can read more about it. If you are interested please send me a private message on Facebook or an email at If you do not hear back from me do not think I have ignored you. Rather I have 'lost' you in the thousands of emails that I have not deleted. Please contact.

COST: $195.00 or

$150 Early Bird (paid in full by 26th January 2020).

Payment schemes available