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A month of workshops

This month has been a month of RICC workshops (Relational Impulse Cultural Collaborative Training, one of the outcomes of my PhD), where I have met dozens of artists of all ages (emerging, mid-career and senior artists) with varying artistic vocations. These workshops were at 4change coaching (3 one day workshops in Pullenvale), Queensland University of Technology (Acting Program), QACI (Queensland Academy of Creative Industries), Playlab and Sheldon College.

Across Brisbane we have been investigating our Rituals of Practice, the ways of being that can help us stay connected to each other at the same time as solving any conflict as well as growing our artistic selves to be the best and healthiest we can be.

I find that facilitating these workshops is not only a process of sharing generative knowledge, but a process of collaboratively building new ways of being together. I love group work because it is informed not just by the facilitator, but by every participant. The conversations that we engage in are transformative, and we all leave at the end of the session having been affected by each participant. Every story is relevant. Every story nudges us forward. Every story is valued and held.

Thank you Brisbane for a deliciously rewarding month. Very soon I leave for Finland where I will be doing a similar program with international artists at Arteles Creative Center, an arts residency that you may be interested in exploring: one of the best in Europe.

In June, on my return, I shall be offering a follow-up workshop for those who want to reconnect. This workshop will be on 15th June 2019, from 11-6.30pm at Pullenvale. Please keep an eye on my Facebook page and 4change Facebook page for more details. Meanwhile you may wish to put a reminder in your calendar.