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Returning home...

It's Monday, and Leah Mercer (co-artistic director of our theatre company The Nest Ensemble) and I are sitting at LAX airport California, preparing for the long trip home. We have had so many adventures, meeting a host of extremely interesting colleagues, artists and mentors both in Mexico and USA, as we strive to develop and thicken understanding of our future work together, both as theatre makers and (for me) as coach/counsellor for artists.

Our last adventure was spent with Dr. Jean Houston and Peggy Nash Rubin, two remarkable women who have dedicated their lives to the human potential movement. Jean generously opened her home to us and spoke about the Path of the Mystic. We explored quantum physics, mysticism and metaphysics. We ate glorious food, danced wildly and engaged in visual processes as access points. We walked through Jean's vineyards and talked to the ancient gods. Thank you Jean, Peggy and Connie (Buffalo) for a glorious four days of exploration into the unknown, soon to be known. We are leaving exhalted, enthusiasic and energised.

The plane is about to board, so till we meet, enjoy the little things...the first sip of coffee in the morning, the song of a bird, the wind in the trees, poetry that leaps off the page.