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January: another opportunity

Dear Community,

Its January and all around the world there are people full of hope, dreaming new ways forward, where opportunities abound and new paths are forged. This year is the first year in two decades that I have not had a post-graduate degree to finish: I have lived in Brisbane Australia for 28 years, longer than some of you have been alive, and discovered that a way of keeping my life focused, enriched and challenged was through formal study. And I have loved it. Every minute. Living in learning. People do it differently and others will choose their own appropriate way of enriching their life. We can, most definitely, actively choose our life's path, the steps we wish to follow, accepting some of the limitations that may be present but not allowing them to narrow our path nor block our way.

I wish you time. Time to dream new ways forward, for we can always sharpen our vision, thicken our understanding, enrich our every day lives. We do not need to pressure ourselves, just minute by minute, day by day. As my mother always sang, and I demonstrated it in one of my plays HOME, "one day at a time, ... one day at a time". Whenever I am struggling, my mother's voice comes to me "one day at a time" and it gives me peace and hope for a better way forward.

Happy New Year dear community. Contact if you want a chat, if you are needing some sort of guidance as you recreate yourself again, and again, and again. And those of you who are coming to our workshop on 3rd February in Pullenvale,Brisbane, I can't wait to spend time with you.