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MC'ing at WorkSmart Conference, Gold Coast

The Big Picture, WorkSmart Conference 2017

A wonderful experience, one I have the pleasure of repeating more than once, I MC'd probably the best little conference I have been to...a conference created by the energetic and highly skilled conference team at Queensland University of Technology, led by the extremely capable Michelle Kani.

The conference opened with "The Big Picture" where Andy ( and Savina hosted a challenging and delightfully engaging experiential exercise whereby the conference participants had to collaborate and paint part of a larger image, a terrific way to begin a conference! One delegate commented "I just wanted to come in and sit down and get comfortable". Five minutes later "I just want to come in and PAINT!"

We had some stunning guests over the two days, including

1. Robyn Pulman who delivered a powerful Opening Keynote, focusing on creating winning habits (

2. Linda Murray, who started a company training women to be the best leaders they can be. She spoke about Courageous Conversations (

3.The energetic and highly acclaimed Allan Pease who delighted his audience by encouraging us to make lists as the first step to success (

4. Nicole Joy who brought her passion and knowledge of mindfulness and essences (

5. Dr Helena Popovic, who had us running on the spot, eating walnuts and generally creating habits to improve our brain, our health and our life style (

6. And then we had two informative technical talks, with the incorrigible Michael Klaehn, who talked about the useful apps that are available,and Steven Knight who educated us in One Note.

The feedback from the conference participants clarified what good choices the QUT Conference team made. Thank you WorkSmart team! You rock!