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Thank you Brisbane

Good morning Brisbane. I write to you on the last day of our Double Bill: He Dreamed a Train and Eve, a journey into belonging: how do we belong in our fractured and chaotic yet marvellously alive world?

I want to thank you all for coming and witnessing these two stories, so different, yet both opening us up to the idea of connectedness. So many glorious comments from our audience...every day people write to express their experience and their love...thank you.

Regardless of personal hiccups in relationships and work hardships and little things that annoy us, we really are all one: "One Mind, Many Brains" (Larry Dossey)... and before I go out on stage each evening (and this afternoon as our final show) I will deliberately connect with every brain in our audience...(remembering all the time that brain cells, according to researchers, can be detected throughout our body) and remind myself that we are just one mind...the more I open to you, the greater our experience in the today, tomorrow and for the rest of the week, lets grow the idea that there is no such thing as separation. We are one. Ambition, achievement and success is an imposed and awkward road...the road we are actually on, the road we forget sometimes, is the road to connectedness. Of delicious communication, of open and beating hearts. One mind. It is really that simple.

Thank you Brisbane. I love you. Always have. Always will. Margi