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I know we always say it is about the work

Travis Ash in He Dreamed a Train photo by Stephen Henry

Its our day off...we are in a season at Brisbane Powerhouse till the 16th July. He Dreamed a Train and EVE are happening. You can read more about them here in our recent terrific reviews:

Both plays:

"Introducing the plays, Margi gave the provocation, “What if this is where you belong?” Even as her characters struggled to find if they belong, both her and Travis’ brilliant and difficult performances made us feel welcome in the theatre. What does belong are ‘He Dreamed A Train’ and ‘Eve’; two incredible productions that deserve to reach the heights their characters dream of".


“Nuanced, committed and exciting to watch, she is beautifully supported onstage by Travis Ash. He delivers sensitive and lovingly honed performances both when acting and also when performing musically.” Stage Whispers

He Dreamed a Train:

"The thing that takes this amazing show to the next level, however, is the digital set design by director Benjamin Knapton and AV designer Nathan Stibthorpe. Holy moly! This show could be in GoMA because it͛s a work of modern art" Stage Whispers

And good reviews, great reviews are wonderful...but what do they really say about the work?

The years of dedication, thought, creative practice, the miles of travel, of reading, months of creative developments...the gathering of team members who live throughout this great brown land of ours...

Julia Alvarez, a writer from Washington DC. writes this:

"--its all about the work. its not about what people might say or about how dangerous it might get. But its about staying focused on what you do, and doing what you love.

And I guess, in the end that is all we have to do, stay focused...but it is more than focus. The next step is the reaching out to audience invite them warmly into the theatre, where they belong, at least for a few hours, where they are wanted, needed and celebrated.

That is why I do theatre...yes, it is about the work but it is more than that. It is about connecting the work to our audience, because in theatre, without an audience, there is no work...

Eve and her beloved planets

And you can book here: here:

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