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"...a licence for boundless self-invention

This week I am back at Queensland Theatre continuing to refine "He Dreamed A Train" which has a season at Brisbane Powerhouse in July 2017, along with another show of ours, called "Eve", a double billing. What fun!

Queensland Theatre (QT) is doing something quite marvellous for the local independent theatre community in Brisbane: when they have some space available, they invite us to come in and use it. This week I am in a room with power, internet and light, so much is delightful writing here. Thank you QT!

Yesterday after spending the day writing I went to meet a group of powerful women who are committed members of "The Women in Theatre Bridge Club"--if you are interested in being part of this vibrant group of women you only have to ask... and also bring with you a political commitment to change the status quo regarding gender equity within the theatre industry.

The Bridge Club is a group of dedicated political thought leaders who welcome other like minded artists. Last evening we decided to have a social occasion in a delightful Mexican restaurant in Eagle Lane..."Chingon" in a sense we went to Mexico. What I love about Mexico is the joy that is palpable, the sharing of food, conversation, even the dancing...all the values that we as a group uphold.

We talked about personal things, family and work and then how we will proceed for the rest of the year. We are clear that we want to support women theatre makers, both intellectually and emotionally...Our next meeting is in a fortnight: every fortnight we meet and discuss ideas that help us be the best cultural leaders we can be.

On the way to the meeting I stopped in at Folio Books, corner of Edward and Mary Street, Brisbane City. And I found this book (see picture above). "The Invention of Angela Carter" by Edmund Gordon.

Angela Carter is an exceptional writer, we all know that. But what she says in the Introduction (well she is quoted as saying) powerfully resonates with me... I had do write it down.

The link between her work and her life was about "the nature of alienation". I read this and I think "Oh, no, that can't possibly be true" but then I read on..."...although alienation could be painful, 'integration means giving up one's freedom of being, in that one becomes mastered by one's role'".

I stopped breathing for a wee while, to absorb this profound statement and then I asked myself "Am I mastered by my own role?" and I realised that perhaps this is the reason why I have chosen never to take a sustaining role in an institution, because then it becomes master over me....Carter states clearly that we are either masters of or mastered by our roles...and of course I agree. As a social constructionist, I am very clear that we construct who we are becoming. Carter gave herself "a licence for boundless self-invention". How delicious is that?

Thank you Edmund Gordon for choosing the title "The Invention of Angela Carter" for I purchased the book not for the name of Angela, but more for the "Invention of..." for it allows us all space to pause. So if this is how it is, that we invent who we are becoming, make sure today is one of inventiveness in order to create the 'you' that you are wanting to become...master of yourself, not mastered by your position.

Have a good one.