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Myth and Understanding

Image of Ron Mueck's work on view at GOMA for their ten year anniversary...hyper real...

It's when mystery visits that we sit up, take stock of what comes before and what comes after. Today I awake with a task to contemplate the importance of myth in our daily lives...the mystery of myth as a way of making sense in our world...

Life unfolds. As it should. And it is reflected in the great myths, those more-than-just-stories, that help guide us...where philosophy and narrative merge to create blue prints of alternate ways of being. Today, am I Demeter, searching for Persephone (the creative act) or perhaps I am Persephone, busily rewriting my own story to suit the ins and outs of the creative spirit and the agenda of today.

Whoever or whatever I am in this moment, I want to be least that is my intent. To be aware of my constant know the feeling. I have to write so I check social media. I have to write so "what about another coffee" "lets feed the dogs" "oh I'm hungry" "what about that email" and of course, "I need to write a post"...

So I now close my post and return to my writing, my contemplation, my research which reminds me of Ron Mueck's work which is bigger than life, a hyper-real approach, focusing in on what it is to be human.

Have a good one today, whatever you are intending...give it your best shot.