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3 "change-4-change" workshops in the Year of Connectedness for Brisbane Artists: Sunday 5t

"change-4-change" workshop Number 1

What: A day of change-for-2017

Who: Brisbane artists and those who live an artistic life (of course there may be someone who wants to live more artistically and now is the time)

When: 5th February, 2017 A day of energy, reflection, art making

Where: Leafy Pullenvale

Why: A time to create the energetic approach to your new year with reflection, art-making and creative conversations. A time to meet new creative friends as you move into 2017 which we have named the year of Connectedness for Brisbane Artists.

How: A day of joyful connection, beginning 11am and going through till 6pm. Your investment is $75.00 for a terrific beginning to a creative 2017, full of new connections and new ways of being in community.