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October...a vibrant time of indwelling...what it means to come home to yourself:

Time goes fast, rainbows come and go. Here is an image that I took in an Icelandic gallery. Thank you Steven Mitchell Wright for pointing me to the artist: Ruri. I sit with the imagery, the powerful resonance, the paradox. A rainbow burning. We have ideas, exciting hopeful adventures planned and then they somehow don't get done. What do we do when disappointment visits? Those of you who know me know exactly what I will say: we re-author or re-story those dreams and move them forward.

Most of you are aware that I am at the pointy end of my PhD, pulling all of my ideas, desires and dreams into a coherent whole. It is an exciting time waking up each day and thinking about what will clarify and crystallise this research that has taken over six years to develop. My research will be useful in the development of artists and those who love approaching life with creative vitality.

My PHD topic sits around belonging and "unbelonging", home and the "unhomely" home. What does it take to belong, despite the burning rainbows? How can we create the circumstances of belonging and how can this belonging strategy apply to our personal lives and then transfer directly onto the stage or into our professional lives? The process, the HOME process, what I call RIC: Relational Impulse Cultural Training, is a rich coming together of ritual, story, myth, understanding the importance of place and the enrichment of relationships both on and off the stage.

I have tested RIC for several years, working with different groups around Brisbane and Perth: in acting schools, high schools, rehearsal rooms and inside the studio. What I notice is an aliveness that seems to switch on inside the artist. One artist sent me a text saying "I feel like I have super powers with you".That is the objective of the program, to provide rituals and exercises to help open the door to reveal the artist's entelechy. Dr. Jean Houston talks about the entelechy as being the individual's potential: the acorn to the oak tree. RIC helps the artist move into their sparkling future selves, their entelechy, so they create a professional and personal life that enhances, vitalises, enriches the world, on and off the stage.

So that is what I am doing, so if I don't respond to your call, email or text, know that it is because I am in PhD land...walking on a treadmill attached to a standing desk, the only way I know to anchor myself to the computer...