• Dr Margi Brown Ash

Another day with EVE

Today was a rich one, listening to several recordings, improvising, dreaming on ideas, reading parts of scripts from elsewhere, all pointing in the same direction: who is Eve? Not so much the person that Eve was inspired by, that of Eve Langley, but who is the Eve within every one of us. We talked about why people do what they do: for example, the woman who wrote the spectacular book on Eve, The Importance of Being Eve Langley. Why did she dedicate so many years of her life looking into this remarkable woman. What Eve was awoken within? And my preoccupation with Eve has spanned over twenty five years…why would one person create such passion? I think it is because there is an Eve within all of us, the one who wants to do what she was born to do. In Eve’s case it was to write, to write…

I write. i write for myself. i write for myself by myself.

What I love about big rooms is that it gives room for big thought. The rehearsal space is crucial when it comes to creative thinking…and sometimes we just sit and chat:

… It quite frequently happens that you’re just treading water for quite a long time. Nothing really dramatic seems to be happening. … And then suddenly everything seems to lock together in a different way. It’s like a crystallization point where you can’t detect any single element having changed. There’s a proverb that says that the fruit takes a long time to ripen, but it falls suddenly … And that seems to be the process.

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