• Dr Margi Brown Ash

Self Care Strategies for the Artist

Here is a list of things that can help you stay resilient. The life of the artist can be very stressful, so make sure you incorporate some of these things below: 1. eating regularly: little snacks in your bag eg. Nuts, fruit 2. sleep: yes its hard, but try to get your 7-8 hours as often as possible, of course excluding bump ins! 3. Two glasses only of wine…and a couple of alcohol free days. 4. Exercising: walking, or finding the exercise that you love to do; walking five times a week 5. Quiet time: meditation; creative visualisation; dreaming on the clouds; 6. Starting from where you are at I think is one of the most healthful and helpful things we can do for ourselves. 7. Optimistic thinking the glass is half full; if you think it half empty be aware that there is another way of looking at it…with awareness comes change. 8. Finding what is greater than yourself and dedicating yourself to it: the spirit of theatre; the spirit of community; and if you believe in God, then God. 9. Seeing challenges rather than problems. 10. Building on your own strengths as well as other people’s strengths. 11. LAUGH 12. Asking for help when needed. 13. Artist Date: each week make sure you go on a date with yourself to a gallery, or park, or theatre: somewhere you are nurtured (this is a hint from Julia Cameron, and her “The Artists Way” 14. Julia Cameron also suggests morning pages, but they could be any time pages (in the hand out I mention a drawing a day book. Twenty minutes of depicting either in words or image what is happening for you right now. No editing allowed! 15. ADD YOUR OWN WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH: QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF • Am I doing more than I should be doing in the time required • Am I starting where I’m at? • Do I have resources around me to support my actions (eg. Am I suffering from an illness, reduced support network, tired, grieving, etc.) HAVE AWARENESS: IF YOU ARE : tired, difficulty falling asleep, restless, drug dependence; feeling helpless, inadequate, fragile, vulnerable; confused, difficulty in making decisions, memory blanks, difficulty concentrating; loss of meaning: TALK TO THOSE NEAREST TO YOU

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